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Gasket & Seal Splicing

Image We can provide spliced parts made from most rubber and sponge rubber extrusions. We can provide several types of spliced joints to meet your specific sealing needs.

We can produce Cold-Bonded and Vulcanized Joints.
Joint Splices that are commonly used are: Bevel Splice, Butt Splice, Corner Splice, Molded Splice and Step Splice.

Spliced gaskets can be made from a variety of rubber compounds. See our Materials Page for a partial listing of the materials that we process.


Bond Types

Cold Bond

Joint Splice Types

Bevel Splice
Butt Splice

Corner Splice

Molded Splice

Step Splice

Extruded and Spliced Products

Enclosure Gaskets

Quality Control and Certifications

Certified Quality Control Manual with Complete Computer Measuring System
Extensive Material Knowledge and Expertise

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Material Traceability

Industries Served

See Applications Page


Solid Rubber
Sponge Rubber

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